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Management Consulting

With the vastly increased access to information and data that corporations and public bodies have, the industry of management consulting is one going through significant changes. Clients are looking to acquire consulting services in a different way. The traditional ‘time and materials’ approach is now a rarity and consulting fees are often at risk, earned only when demonstrating a measurable and significant return on investment. Add to this an increasing maturity of internal consulting offerings within leading corporates, a wish for Generation Y to work in non-traditional environments and the continued growth of the interim consulting market, one of the oldest professions is in need of reinvention.

Wilton & Bain’s Management Consulting practice works with leading consultancies in their markets to navigate these challenges by solving their most critical human capital needs. We do this through identifying and attracting Partners, teams and acquisitions that provide them with new routes to market, alternative services and an increased diversity of senior talent. As the largest and most established dedicated professional services executive search firm in the world, we have the agility and expertise to partner with boutique, mid-size and global consulting clients alike.

Gary Landes


Gary has worked for Wilton & Bain since 2007 and has been a Partner in our Executive Search practice since 2012. He works across Professional and Technology Services, and has successfully completed mandates across the world, particularly at the Partner and VP level. Education: English Literature, University of Manchester.

Dan Jermy


Dan graduated from the University of Leeds before joining Wilton and Bain as an Associate. He spent four years with Wilton and Bain in London where he progressed to Engagement Manager and led research teams on global search mandates across both technology services and professional services. In 2014 Dan escaped the London weather and relocated to Dubai where he worked for Boyden. During this time Dan delivered multiple searches in the Middle East and Africa for clients across a broad array of industries including oil and gas, consulting, financial services, technology, public sector, aerospace and manufacturing. Dan re-joined Wilton and Bain as a Principal for the Americas based in the San Francisco office.
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