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Positive Psychology


This month, we were pleased to host our latest WB2 workshop. We came together to learn about positive psychology and how it can help you to fall in love with your job – as one guest put it, “how to learn to dance in the rain.” We were joined by a group of women from the WB2  network across the world of Technology & Professional Services. Presented by Alison Hughes, a leading executive coach and accredited assessment professional, we spent a fascinating couple of hours together learning and sharing thoughts and experiences.

They always say that there isn’t a formula for happiness. Turns out they are wrong! H= S + C + V, or in simpler terms, happiness is constituted on genetics, circumstances and voluntary actions. The good news is that 40% of your total happiness is based on factors within your own control- quite an empowering message, to know that you are the mistress of your own contentedness.

Positive psychology in the workplace focuses on helping you to identify and practice 24 “signature strengths” in order to help you achieve “flow” (for the uninitiated, flow is the state of deep absorption we all reach when we are doing something we love- be that exercise, music, brainstorming etc.)- which is essential for a happy life, to feel energy, authenticity and joy.

It was interesting to hear how different organisations were working to try and support their employees to use their signature strengths, what challenges they were facing and how far they were in their journey- who was really practising what they preached and who perhaps was just giving lip service to this topic. This attitude towards the concepts of positive psychology and employee well-being is something that is changing as the workforce and their needs evolve, and something that all organisations will have to pay greater attention to in order to maintain commercial success. We heard that organisations which empowered their people to practice these signature strengths have on average 38% higher productivity levels and 44% higher employee engagement and retention statistics– not numbers to be sniffed at!

It was an eye opening session and I think all of our guests would agree that we’ve learnt something new to help us to use in our daily lives. This included how to help ourselves and our teams to feel that we belong, to learn how to find happiness in our work and how to apply our signature strengths to it, and how to feel that we each have a calling, not just a job.

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